NOCTURNE: THE DARK SIDE OF BEAUTY 19th October 2014-1st February 2015


Museum Gouda and contemporary art Museum Gouda is a civic museum that gives attention to contemporary art on a regular basis.

In 2011 Museum Gouda organized an ambitious SALON, at which recent work of the 50 most skillful artists in the region was exhibited.

SALON 2011 was organized and judged in conjunction with the artist’s Society Firma van Drie.

Two NOCTURNE artists exhibit their work at SALON 2011.

In 2013 Museum Gouda opened "de Schatkamer" (the Treasure Chamber), a permanent presentation of hundreds of peaces from the depot,

amongst which a selection of creative work from  female artists purchased by Josine de Bruyn Kops.

As a civic museum  Museum Gouda always looks for contemporary art that was made in the vicinity.


4 artists obtained the opportunity to freely show the opposite side of beauty: The obscure and dark side.


The 4 artists co-operated already for quite a number of years under the name of NOCTURNE.

They share their fascination for imperfection, human shortcomings and vulnerability.

At first glance their images may seem tempting, but well observed there is always a twist.

The exposition of the NOCTURNE collective can be seen from 19th October 2014 to 1 st February 2015.


Each artist receives it's own exhibition space. In these historical chambers the artists presents their latest autonomous works.


As a bonus the artists have 2 classical halls at their disposal in Museum Gouda:

"Het Ruim" (The Room with the Civic Guards paintings from the 17th century) and "The Gasthuiskapel” (the Hospital Chapel) with the “Altaarstukken” (Altar paintings from the 16th century).     


MUSEUM Gouda has requested the female entrants to respond to the group-portraits of the Civic Guards in "Het Ruim". Most of the time some 80 Guardsmen stare unmoved at the visitors.

Now the artists do the staring and react back.

Will they be able to get the guards into movement?


In the chapel Maria is usual the person to play the first fiddle: Maria engaged to Joseph, Maria giving birth to the Baby in the stable, Maria ascending to the heavens.


NOCTURNE has been invited to combine these antique works of art with their own creations.

Religious art from the 16th and 17th century combined with contemporary art, as to provide religious art with a new dimension.


NOCTURNE’s exhibition can be visited from 19th October 2014- 1st February 2015.


A documentary was made especially for the exhibition showing the artists at work in their studio's.

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