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 dindi. (1976) studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy & the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. (student 1995 - 1999) With her staged underwater photography, dindi. focuses on the disagreement and balance of the inner in the female psyche, emphasizing the archetypical mother and woman. Reflections, visual distortion and movement of water are important elements of her visual language. She expands on classical painting styles through a contemporary content. The image always contains a contradiction. What seems to be fairy-like aesthetics morphs into an image in which frustration and destruction prevail. As a viewer you are confronted with images that are both intimate & intimidating visualizing a battle between egos. dindi. both designs and makes the costumes and all attributes used in her photography her self, allowing her to fully control every detail of her work.

Paradox In every woman there exists in fact another woman; an external creature and an internal being. One who lives in the upper world and one that lives in a world that is not so easy to identify.

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The external creature lives by daylight and can easily be discovered, but the “being” usually comes from far to the surface, often suddenly  and vanishes equally quickly as it appears .

The paradox of this female double nature is that these two women are separately one, but also coupled elements in the psyche that inter-connects in a thousand ways. (Citate: Clarissa Pinkola Estes)